H and R RSS Coilovers Set Porsche Boxster / Boxster S 1997-2004 / SUS RSS1511 1 / SUS Rss 1511 1 / SUS-Rss-1511-1 / SUS.Rss.1511.1 / SUSRss15111

H&R RSS Coilovers Set Porsche 986 Boxster / Boxster S (1997-2004) (SUS RSS1511 1)

H & R Springs

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H & R RSS Coilovers Are Designed And Tested On The Famous Nurburgring - And Are For The Performance Minded Driver That Requires The Most Vehicle Feedback. The Result Is Flat Cornering And Supreme Directional Control A Perfect Choice For The High Performance Driver. Rss Coilovers Lower The Center Of Gravity And Reduce Body Roll For Better Handling. Like All H & R Coilovers - Rss Coilovers Feature An H & R Exclusive Dynamic Damper Technology And A Fully Threaded Shock Body Not An Imitation Sleeve-Over.
Features: More Spring Rate And Shock Valving.
Fitment: Porsche Boxster - Boxster S 1997 To 2004

Alternate Part Numbers: SUS Rss 1511 1 / SUS-Rss-1511-1 / SUS.Rss.1511.1 / SUSRss15111

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