Odyssey Battery Charger ELE OBC 6A /

DISCONTINUED NLA - Odyssey Battery Charger (ELE OBC 6A)


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Odyssey 6 Amp Battery Charger - Odyssey Battery Chargers Are Designed To Fully And Safely Charge Odyssey Batteries And Other Quality Brands Of 12-Volt Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) And Flooded Lead Acid Batteries. For Professional Shop Users Or Enthusiasts Doing A Charger-To-Battery Match Up - Our Professional Grade Design Delivers Performance - Quality And Speed In A Ruggedized And Weatherproof Housing. 

  • Fully Automatic Six-Stage Performance Charging
  • All Digital Power Charging Platform
  • Led Battery Charge Monitor
  • System Ok And Battery Fault Trouble Status Indicator
  • 6-12 And 20 Amp Models Available 
  • Fanless Design Eliminates Risk Of Fan Failure And Costly Replacement
  • Limited 2-Year Full Replacement Warranty
  • UI Certified

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