Porsche 996 / 986 Single Row IMS Update Kit Intermediate Shaft Bearing / ENG 106 08 2 / ENG 106 08 2 / ENG-106-08-2 / ENG.106.08.2 / ENG106082

Porsche 996 / 986 Single Row IMS Update Kit (Intermediate Shaft Bearing) (ENG 106 08 2)

LN Engineering

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Ims Update Kit (Intermediate Shaft Bearing) - Single Row - 1999-2005 Porsche 996 (2000-01*) - (2002-05) - Boxster (2000-01*) - (2002-05) - LN Engineering
With The Change From The Metzger Engine To The M96 - Cost Cutting Measures Were Made.  911S - Boxsters - And Caymans Fitted With The M96 And M97 Engines Use A Sealed Ball Bearing To Drive The Camshafts Indirectly Off The Crankshaft.  Over Time - This Sealed Bearing Can Lose Grease And Seize - Resulting In Engine Failure. Working With LN Engineering - We Implement A Solution That Will Last The Life Of The Vehicle.  By Replacing This Sealed Ball Bearing With An Oil Feed Plain Bearing - Similar To That Of Air-Cooled Engines - The Chance Of Bearing Failure Is Greatly Reduced.  
Ims Bearing Failure Is Most Common In Vehicles That Don’T See Much Use And Are Not Driven Hard.  Up Until 2000 - A Dual Row Bearing Was Fitted To All Vehicles Which Had A Smaller Risk Of Failure.  Some 2000-2001 Porshces Were Fitted With This Bearing While Others Were Fitted With The Inferior Single Row Bearing That Had A Lower Load Capacity.  These Bearings Were Fitted Up Until 2006 When A Larger Single Row Bearing - With Similar Load Capacity And Failure Rate Of The Earlier Dual Row - Was Implemented.  These Larger Bearings Are InaccessIble And Require Splitting The Case To Replace. With The Introduction Of The 9A1 Engine In 2008 - The Intermediate Shaft Was Completely Removed - Removing The Issue Entirely.

Alternate Part Numbers: ENG 106 08 2 / ENG-106-08-2 / ENG.106.08.2 / ENG106082

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