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Porsche 930 Turbo / 911 Turbo 240mm RSR Lightweight Flywheel & Clutch Package - Centerforce (PKG 930 102 LWF CFS PMS)


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We Have The Ultimate Flywheel And Clutch Package For Your Street Or Race Porsche 930 Turbo / 911 Turbo Carrera ! With Less Rotational Inertia - The Engine Is Able To Respond To Throttle Inputs Quicker.  Heel-Toe Downshifting Is Made Easier With Less Throttle Required To Match Engine Speed.  Less Moment Of Inertia Helps The Vehicle Accelerate More Quickly And Decreases Time Required To Shift As Engine Speed Drops Faster.
You Can Expect A Smooth And Easy Pedal Effort And Increased Responsiveness From The Engine. The Included Centerforce Clutch Kit  Is Extremely Durable And Suitable For Street Or Sport Autocross Racing.
Our In-House - Certified Computerized Balancing Service Is Included With Every Complete Flywheel & Clutch Package (A $75 Value) !  Scroll Down To See Our Balancing Video (Or Click Here) .
Reduces Rotating Mass *13 Lbs
Holding Capacity Rated At ~ 580 Ft Lbs Torque 
  - 1978-1988 Porsche 930 / 911 Turbo Carrera 240 mm Diameter Flywheel / 930 4 Speed Transmission
Centerforce / SACHS / Porsche Genuine Parts / Mode / - Patrick Motorsports USA
Detailed Package List: Our Lightweight Billet Steel RSR Type Flywheel (1) Centerforce Df255255 Lightweight High Clamp Load Pressure Plate And Spring Hub Clutch Disc (1) Pilot Bearing (1) Starter Ring Gear Extension (1) Clutch Release Bearing Extension Adapter Release Bearing (1) Flywheel Bolts (9) Pressure Plate Bolts (9) - Alternate Part#
PKG 930 102 LWF CFS PMS / PKG-930-102-LWF-CFS-PMS / PKG.930.102.LWF.CFS.PMS / PKG930102LWFCFSPMS



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