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Porsche 911 3.2L To 3.4L Conversion Mahle 98mm Engine Piston And Cylinder Set with 11:3 Compression (PS98 013 34L RSR)

Mahle Motorsports

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Cylinder Set 11.3:1 High Comp (1984-89) 3.2L To 3.4L RSR Type - Patrick Motorsports Exclusive Ps98-013-34L RSR 2 in. Stock Inspired By The Max Moritz Big Bore Pistons - We Optimized This Proprietary Design For Maximum Performance. This RSR Style Engine Piston And Cylinder Set Allows For Larger Valves - High Lift Camshafts - And Fully Utilizes Twin Ignition .

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Engine Piston And Cylinder Set - RSR Type - 1984-1989 Porsche 3.2L To 3.4L @ 11.3:1 Compression - Forged Piston
Detailed Specs: - 98mm Cylinder Diater - 74.4mm Stroke - 11.3:1 Compression Ratio At 1mm Deck Clearance - 43.0Cc Piston Crown Configuration - 127.0mm Conrod Length - 51.00mm Intake Pocket Diameter - 43.00mm Exhaust Pocket Diameter - 49.00mm Intake Valve Diameter - 41.50mm Exhaust Valve Diameter
Rated Power (Hp):350 Max Speed (RPM):7500
Another - Patrick Motorsports USA / Mahle Motorsports Exclusive! Set includes:6) Pistons 98mm 6) Cylinders - 98 x 120mm 6) 23mm Wrist Pins 1) Circlip Set 1) 98mm Piston Ring Set
Ps98-013-34L RSR Ps98 013 34L RSR Ps98.013.34L.RSR

Alternate Part Number: ENG PS98 013 34L RSR / ENG-PS98-013-34L-RSR / ENG.PS98.013.34L.RSR / ENGPS9801334LRSR

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