AT Power Individual Throttle Body Kit For Porsche 964 / 993 3.6L Engines (ENG 964 36L 45 42MM ITB KIT)

AT Power U.K.

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AT Power has developed a unique range of direct to head individual throttle bodies for the Porsche 911, 964, and 993 air-cooled classics. The air-cooled Porsche models suit our beautifully manufactured “shaft-Less” throttle technology perfectly

Their unique patented technology helps to increase air flow dramatically thus minimising air flow separation and reduces turbulence, resulting in higher volumetric efficiency.

This pristine technology with knife-edged butterflies has improved inlet airflow and performance significantly. With the individual throttle blades very close to the inlet valves, the engine throttle response is vastly improved. Along with this, we have also found an impressive increase in horsepower, torque, driveability, and an incredible mechanical soundtrack.
  • Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminium “Shaft-less” Individual Throttle Bodies
  • Aluminium Inlets/Extensions are suitable for duck or whale tail models
  • Aluminium Ram Pipes
  • Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) choices calibrated to the options available from the AT Power range
  • Billet Aluminium Fuel Rails
  • Thermal Insulation Gaskets
  • Throttle Linkage System which connects directly to the existing OEM cable pick-ups.
  • Available in 18 anodized color options
  • Available with 42mm or 44mm Inlet Ports

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This product requires a stand-alone engine management system

ENG 964 36L 45 42MM ITB KIT / ENG ATP 993 45 PKG / ENG.ATP.993.45.PKG / ENG-ATP-993-45-PKG / ENGATP99345PKG / ENG.964.36L.45.42MM.ITB.KIT / ENG96436L4542MMITBKIT

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