Transaxle Services


A pioneer in Porsche transaxle development, we were one of the first to offer short bell housing G50s for use in earlier 911s.  Our packages allow for retention of the factory torsion bars and do not require extensive cutting. We have converted hundreds of these transmissions and always ensure they are completely refreshed for smooth shifting and increased durability.  As experts in the 914s, we also offer 915 to 916 conversions. The 915 transmission has a much higher torque rating than the 901 installed in 914s.

To insure the longevity of the ring and pinion on Porsche transaxles, we manufacture stronger billet side covers.  Porsche knew this was an issue and strengthened them over the years but ours offer superior strength.  

When rebuilding transaxles we use the highest quality replacement components to ensure the longevity of the transaxle.   

Clutch and Flywheels

One of the hallmark products for Patrick Motorsports has been our clutch and flywheel packages.  With less rotational inertia from a lightweight flywheel, the engine is able to respond to throttle inputs quicker.  Heel toe downshifting is made easier with less throttle required to match engine speed. Less moment of inertia helps the vehicle accelerate more quickly and decreases time required to shift as engine speed drops faster.

We offer flywheels for all applications, from street to race setups as well as conversion flywheels to match various Porsche engines and transaxles.  Our flywheels are all machined in house, designed in SOLIDWORKS and MASTERCAM. All clutch and flywheel packages come standard with in house balancing to ensure maximum performance.

    Transmission Room

    Short Bell housing g50 billet side cover adjustable mount