The Team

Patrick Motorsports employs 18 trained professionals.  




Founder : James Patrick III

James Patrick III

        James Patrick was born in Phoenix Arizona in 1965, and studied business at the University of Arizona as a “Wildcat”, then fine arts at Arizona State University as a “Sun Devil”.  Founder and CEO of Patrick Motorsports established in 1989, this Phoenix based specialty automotive business is solely focused on the world renowned “PORSCHE” brand. 

        He enjoys his business like a hobby, saying “it’s never hard going to work, just leaving at the end of the day as there is always more to accomplish”. 

        James is a very visual and artistic person, with a passion for his trade, the combination has created a very structured and complete offering for the “PORSCHE” community.  Well known for many proprietary products, the company has developed many solutions based parts and upgrade conversion systems recognized by customers worldwide. 

        He and his team of craftsmen offer complete in house product design, manufacturing, service for vintage & collectible model cars,  including complete restoration services from metal, paint, and upholstery - All to the highest level of detail !

        During the last three decades James has built a reputation for being very “hands on”, this includes multiple Vintage Race Series Championships behind the wheel, along with Concours winning results - obviously his hands and eyes all over the cars !


Master Upholstery Technician : Mark Laszlo

With 24 years of experience doing upholstery, Mark is a professional at transforming interior back to showroom condition or clients individual specifications, his upholstery work has won awards all across the US. Mark also enjoys building model cars and is a fan of all things Porsche.  Mark drives a Porsche 944 which he also painted and modified.


 Service Technicians:


Lead Technician: Nick Butera 

Nick has been working for Patrick Motorsports for over seven years.  Over his tenure, he has been responsible for building the engines for Patrick Motorsports.   He is a specialised MoTeC technician and dyno tuner. As well as having a passion for cars, Nick also loves to mountain bike all across Arizona. 

JC (James C) Besing

J.C is a Porsche mechanic with years of experience working on classic Porsches.  His specialty is working on four cylinder cars such as the 356 and 914. When he is not working at the shop, he is restoring his classic Mini Cooper.

Justin Harriman

Justin specialises in transaxle rebuilds after apprenticing under Gordon Ledbetter.  Before starting at Patrick Motorsports Harriman gained experience over his five years working as a dealer technician.  He is currently in the process of rebuilding his AW11 Toyota MR2.


Sales and Project Management 

Chris Aguirre 

Overseeing projects and handling sales, Chris’s past experience managing a bicycle shop in Colorado has helped to expand Patrick Motorsports.

Inventory Management: David Tiro


Joining in 2017, David manages inventory as well as website, wholesale & retail parts sales.  Graduating from SMU in Economics & Financial applications, David has a passion for tennis, playing six days a week.   




Bill Johnston


Bill, uncle of James Patrick, has handed shipping for Patrick Motorsports for the past 20 years.  Bills initial interest in sports car racing had a great impact on James Patrick and was the catalyst for the creation of Patrick Motorsports.





Justin Stroh

Trained at East Valley Institute of Design and American Tool & Design, Justin has been with Patrick Motorsports since 2011.  Specializing in designing and fabricating parts, Justin’s great work has defined many builds and products. Justin also enjoys rock climbing on the weekends and offroading his Toyota 4Runner.