Transmission Side Covers & Intermediate Plates

Here Is The Skinny - The Porsche Ring And Pinion Are Quite Small Given The Performance Capability Of The Vehicles.  This Reduced Ring And Pinion Size -   Use Of Aluminum As The Transmission Case Material - And Rear Engine Layout - Result In Greater Loading Of The Porsche Ring And Pinion.
With So Much Weight On The Back Axle The 911 Is Capable Of Generating Huge Amounts Of Traction - This Is Especially True When Equipped With Wider - Taller And Stickier Modern Tires.  This Grip Is Always Looking For A Way To Escape The Driveline System.  Since Wheel Spin Is Not An Option The Torque Looks For Another Way To Escape The Driveline.  This Results In Deflection Of The Ring Gear And Subsequent Flex In The Transmission Sidecover.
In Extreme Cases We Have Seen Cracked Side Covers - Less Severe Cases Result In Worn Pinion Shafts And Ring Gears.
When Executing A Transmission Rebuild Or Adding A Limited Slip Differential We Recommend Updating To Our Billet Aluminum Sidecover.
This Is A Simple And Effective Upgrade For Higher Performance Engine Updates Or Applications Where Overall Grip Levels Are Significantly Improved From Stock.