Air Conditioning Services

We can update or upgrade your air conditioning system.  We offer conversions from R12 to R134a, upgraded condensers and evaporators, fittings and fixtures.  Bring your vehicle in for an air conditioning inspection to check for leaks and pressure.  We have found that even late model 964 & 993's are having leaks in their evaporators and condensers.  They are often covered in oil, blocking airflow which impedes cooling.  The fan resistors are often corroded causing the condenser fan to no longer operate at both high and low speed.

Example of leaking evaporator and condenser found in 964



Electric Air Conditioning

While Porsches have always been ahead of the curve, with many classics feeling half their age, air conditioning was not a strong suit for the classic 911.  Factory and dealer installed units were heavy, unsightly, and offered very little cooling.  With electric air conditioning, we are able to offer superior cooling, remove the unsightly compressor from the engine bay and relocate the lighter unit to the smugglers box in the front trunk.  

This package is quite in depth and requires extensive knowledge to install.  Because of this, we offer this product for in-house installation only.



Porsche 911 electric air conditioning

Notice the lack of compressor in the engine bay