1967 911 TARGA #500100

This 1967 911"S" Soft Window Targa #500100 was the prototype car built by PORSCHE to show off the new concept.

The #500100 had a tough & rough life up to the point we received it. We had to restore most of the chassis on our Celette Fixture Bench, and hand make many of the rusty sections that are no longer available.
It has turned out fantastic, and now at paint!

Door & rocker issues

After stripping back the paint & filler we expose previous rust & damage - poorly repaired !

Door sill


Damage discovered

More past secrets revealed.

Rust Damage


Bad Floor

To restore strength and rigidity to the 911 Targa our fabrication department had to fixture the chassis & replace all the damaged & rusty metal.

All new floor and footwell

That torn up floor is a distant memory now! Amazing work!

Fender Area Detail

Inner fender rust in the door hinge post must be cut out and replaced.

Fender Area Repair

This special car provides our fabricators a big opportunity to show their best.

Rear Shelf

The back shelf gets worked on next.

Lining up new body

Cleco clips hold new rear fender panels and shelf in for test fitment.

Cabin Rebuilt

Rear seats good as new - exceptional craftsmanship!

Rear torsion

Rear torsion bar fitted with underbody detail of seat pans.

New body

New body being pieced together.

Body Installation Contd

Long hood and front bumper installed.

Body Installation Contd 2

Rear bumper & fenders installed.

Rear end welds

Detailed look at rear end welding.