This 1967 912 was fully restored here at Patrick Motorsports, then presented at PCA Werks Reunion 2017, in Monterey, California!

67 912 Day 1

Day 1 is stripping the car back for investigation.

67 rot 1

Close inspection reveals some areas needing attention.

67 rot 2


67 rot 3


Rocker fix

Jess and Justin get to work addressing any and all rust. The rockers get fixed up with new metal.

Hood fix

A rust area was found in the hood, so new metal is patched in.

Tub like new

Clean craftsmanship in this complete tub restoration.

Front end cleaned


Body is ready

Fitting all body panels

prep for paint booth

Liner applied on the rotisserie - now the 912 is ready for the paint booth!

Silver paint

The 1967 912 gleams with fresh silver paint.

Engine restored

The 4 cylinder engine was taken apart and fully restored.

Engine restored 2


Lift assembly 1

Up on the lift, assembly begins. Suspension, brakes, and steering rack going in!

Assembly on lift 2


Assembly on lift 3

Suspension, brakes, engine, transmission, and exhaust in place.

Assembly on lift 4


Front end assembly 1

Front end assembly continues.

front assembly 2


Engine in place


Interior department

All new black leather upholstery, dash, seats, and steering wheel stitched by hand.

PCA Werks 912

Presented proudly at PCA Werks Reunion 2017!