1973 911 T to RSR Retro Creation 3.6L V-Ram G50 gearbox
We have started with a very clean 1973 911 T showing 90,000 miles on the odometer. It’s a car that I bought without the original 2.4L mechanical injection engine, although it did still have the orig. 915 w-7:31 ring and pinion hanging in there. The car was so clean & complete I had thought about putting a 2.4L MFI engine back in, wait this thought only crossed my mind for a moment. I had true visions of grandeur ’73 RSR style with a ’96-‘98 3.6L DME V-Ram engine featuring A/C and Heat, coupled to one of our built '87-'89 G-50 gearboxes, and complete 930 turbo suspension.
We stripped the car, and started with the nitty-gritty, and since we wanted to fit the project with true 930 rear trailing arms we decided to cut out & replace the torsion tube section. We started to prepare a 930 torsion tube we had in stock, but soon found that the T-tube section had been cut to the point that the integrity was lost. We located a special 1989 911 turbo G-50/50 torsion tube section, what a find !!! This was not a prerequisite for our project just a caveat of the build.
Look for more progress updates quickly !

0 73-911-RSR-front-nose-assembly-detail


0 73-911-RSR-front-spoiler-detail


1 73-911-RSR-1ST PLACE

Phoenix Flight 35 Concourse - 1st Place - Scottsdale, Arizona USA





1 73-911-RSR-battery-detail










1 73-911-RSR-bottom-of-engine-detail









We are fitting this RSR clone with 930 brakes & suspension, along with a set of old school looking sway bars !


We are fitting this RSR clone with 930 brakes & suspension, along with a set of old school looking sway bars !



73 911 RSR V RAM

'97 993 V-Ram engine for this '73, it will be hooked up to a Short bell housing G-50

73 911 RSR rear seat t tube modification

Here is the inside view of the 1989 G-50/50 Turbo torsion tube conversion to our 1973 chassis.

This will allow us to use the G-50 and 930 rear trailing arms.

73 911 RSR nose prep for front oil cooler


73 911 RSR package tray modification for Vario ram


73 911 RSR nose prep inside


73 911 RSR pwr brake modification


73 911 RSR 911-930SARB-NSR


73 911 RSR L r qtr prep


73 911 RSR r qtr prep 1




73 911 RSR f fender prep 1


73 911 RSR r qtr prep


73 911 RSR L front fender prep 1


73 911 RSR r qtr prep 2


73 911 RSR start 1