Here is another fantastic 914 to 914-6 GT conversion

Flush mount filler kit & bezel

Our kit allow you to add the flush mount filler cap & bezel to your 914 with the original fuel splash tray, with the original tank or our 914 fuel cell - lockable

73 914 6 GT Chassis in Zinc




Floorpan Primered


Engine Bay Primered


Rear Chassis Prepped


louver pan

Louver pan fitment for front oil cooler

Louver pan 2

Louver pan bead rolled to blend in nicely, for that OEM-looking finish.

front oil cooler fitment

Front oil cooler fitment and mounting.

Front Nose Prepped


front oil cooler install

Front oil cooler set up (less the shroud)

Oil Cooler done shroud

Front oil cooler hooked up, now with air shroud. (BOD 914 6 OIL KIT)

Rear Chassis Clear


Nose Base Coast


Inner Fender Clear Coat


Fender Clear Coat


Pedal Install


Twin Plug MSD Ignition Install


Oil Thermostat Install


Rear Brakes


Front Brakes


Oil Cooler Prep


Glass Installation


Engine and Transaxle

This eng. & trans. package was built by Tom Amon @ Mobile Works West a long time customer of PMS, he was commissioned by our customer to make a really special "Hot Rod" engine !

Engine and Transmission Ready to Install

3.2L start, shuffle pin case, knife edge crank, Carrillo rods, 102mm P&C set, twin plug, w- GE60 cams

mccarthy engine lid


mccarthy frunk

Custom front oil cooler w/ shroud. Fuel Safe fuel cell.

mccarthy interior


mccarthy at werks

Finished and proudly presented at PCA Werks Reunion 2017, in Monterey, CA.