This 1975 914-4 was converted to a 914-6 with a 3.2L DME motronic engine, 901 5 speed trans with Wavetrac ATB diff, sport headers & exhaust, backdated bumpers, upgraded suspension & brakes, and a hidden front oil cooler. 
The end result is a slick, understated classic with nearly triple the stock power!


Stripped down, the engine bay needed to be perfected before anything new could go in.
We blanket the car in 3M, specially designed to protect the body and paint from welding sparks.

gcoon bay work

Jess working his magic in the engine bay, spotting and replacing any rust spots with new metal. Also pictured is the upgraded Bilstein/Eibach suspension.

gcoon engine room

Meanwhile, the 3.2L DME is nearly ready in the engine room. 
This engine received a complete overhaul, rebuilt to like new condition, then improved even further. 
The 914 will now have a reliable source of 230+ hp!

gcoon front bumper

The 3.2L engine utilizes our front oil cooler kit, but the client wanted that part to be low key. So in addition to backdated bumpers, a unique design was implemented to the front end.

gcoon engine ready

A match made in heaven. The 3.2L awaits installation. It's mated to a 901 5-speed transaxle, with Wavetrac ATB differential.

gcoon lift


gcoon installed

The 3.2L and 901 transaxle are installed. Then sport headers and Dansk exhaust complete the low profile, high power conversion.

gcoon 9


gcoon 10


gcoon 11

The sleeper look turned out great! Only a trained eye can tell this 914 is packing a real punch.

gcoon 12

A close look at the front oil cooler opening.

gcoon 14

Another successful 914-6 project is in the books!

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