1976 911 Turbo Carrera | 95 3.6L DME Conversion

This '76 911 came to us from San Diego for a bit of restoration & upgrades. The plan was to fit the car with a '95 993 3.6L DME engine featuring A/C & heat, along with upgrading the suspension & brake system to hang on the newfound power plant.

1976 930 AG body shot


1976-930-AG-F finished


1976-930-AG-R finished


1976-930-AG-rear brake detail

Our rear 964 4 piston brake caliper conversion with late 930 rotors

1976-930-AG-eng-trans ready


1976-930-AG-front oil cooler


1976-930-AG-eng bottom


1976-930-AG runner


1976-930-AG-F bumper


1976-930-AG-F bumper fit


1976-930-AG-F B bumper fit


1976-930-AG-BBS 17

These classic BBS wheels were originally 16" but the owner wanted to run larger tires. The customer wanted keep with the historic BBS 3 wheel piece look, so here is the answer. We started by restoring the centers to a gloss black powder coated finish for the look and durability. We sources the 17” wheel half’s direct from BBS Motorsports. 
We decided to optimize the wheel fit so we increased our wheel half width’s were we could. The fresh BBS 17” wheels were then fitted with the Michelin Pilot Sport tires.
These old school BBS centers use a special lug nut that uses a thrust washer, these were a bit tired so we cleaned them, glass beaded them tumbled them & re-plated them cad. white (silver).

1976-930-AG-start F


1976-930-AG-start R




1976-930-AG-pre paint prep