The 1979 930 Turbo was one FAST car ahead of its time. With a 3.3L Turbo flat 6, pushing 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds, and 13.7 seconds in the 1/4 mile. (For reference, Corvettes ran the same in 15.7 seconds back then)
This restoration now looks and feels like Day 1 off the dealer lot, and we love it!

930 Day 1

She arrived with a bit of an identity crisis, and questionable installations throughout. The owner wanted a complete restoration - as if brand new!

930 Stripped

Removing what wouldn't work, we had a blank canvas to build it right.

930 Correct Body

Rebuilding the correct body.

Fixing the Dash

Bringing it back to OEM shape.

Getting there!

With the interior back to how it should be, we get the functionality underway.

Front Bay Redone

Fresh metal and paint, ready for accessories and wiring!

Front Bay Filling out

More and more like a new car!

New suspension and more!

Only perfection is allowed - so genuine goodies are a must.

930 hanging with some new friends

Cleaned up and sporting some new suspension & brakes.

Building a new heart

Rebuilding the bottom end.

261hp, 165mph top speed.

Complete OEM style restoration of the 3.3L engine.

Engine installed

A closer look underneath, after engine installation.

Engine installed2


Finishing touches

Mark stitching up the steering wheel, while the now-gorgeous 930 looks on.

Wait, how old is this car?

Handcrafted leather interior complete with pleated seats. Smells as good as it looks!

All done!

Voila! One brand new 1979 930 Turbo ready for a drive.

Copy & paste this link to see her running around Youtube: