This 964 RSR was built to win with a 3.8L twin turbo engine, 993 6spd, Wavetrac differential and more!

Cam Work




3.8L engine on stand


Trans and Shop


On Lift, Finished


Fuel Cell / Lip


Keeping Cool




Pilot's Controls




964 on dyno

993 Twin Turbo engine & 6-speed conversion
Built up to 3.8L with Mahle Pistons & Cylinders
Pauter rods, GT2 Pump, GT2 sport cams
Handmade custom 321 SS headers and exhaust
Two K24 turbos
Tall 1st gear + Short gear stack
Wavetrac differential
MoTeC C125 Race Display
Tuned MoTeC M600 ECU

All parts used in this build are stocked, distributed,
and installed at Patrick Motorsports!