This 914 was transported down from Sacramento for a SIX conversion, paint "BRG" & complete full leather interior! The build intent was for a quick drive to Tahoe, or out to the coast - we added the Rally inspired hood mounted Oscar lights for Deer safety!
All services completed in house by the fantastic team here at PATRICK MOTORSPORTS

914-6 nose detail


914-6 L side rear


914-6 L side interior


914-6 engine grill detail


914-6 27L case detail


914-6 27L long block


914-6 27L engine bay


914-6 front headlight area


914-6 front trunk are in DTM


914-6 front GT cooler lines


914-6 front carpet over GT cooler


914-6 engine bay rust repair


914-6 engine bay rust repair 2


914-6 engine bay rust repair 3


914-6 engine bay rust


914-6 engine bay prep in DTM


914-6 4 wheel alignment


914-6 rear carpet


914-6 rear exhaust


914-6 header details