Record Setting!

Owner Bruce White, and driver Luke Oxner, all smiles with the winning BSR.

986 BSR 777 full front qtr

The BSR is complete, and ready for competition !

986 BSR 777 AIM dash view

Featuring the AIM MXG data dash w/ HD smarty camera system

986 BSR 777 drivers cage opening

More accurate shifting through shift rod linkage cable end (PN: TRA SSL996)
Rollcage, floorpan, fire safety system installed in house.

986 BSR 777 drivers cage opening w net

Hardtop installed for more lightweight strength. PN: BOD 986LWHT

986 BSR 777 door rail top

Door rail set reinforces rigidity and safety. (PN: BOD986.BSR.PMS)

986 BSR 777 rear exh grill

Wire mesh insert (PN: 986 505 311 SSG PMS) and dual muffler exhaust system (PN: EXH 986 BSR MS)

986 BSR 777 cool suit

Keeping the driver comfortable during high intensity racing with COOL SHIRT AIR & WATER SYSTEM (PN: ACC CS PSAW-H-24)

986 BSR 777 batt disconnect & battery

Battery & master disconnect switch (PN: ELE RCX11862)

986 BSR 777 accusump & trans cooler pump

Accusump & trans cooler pump. (PN: OIL ACCUSUMP 986)

986 BSR 777 accusump & trans pump detail

Tilton Engineering oil pump (PN: ELE TIL 40-524) and Wix Racing oil filter.

986 BSR 777 final top coat

Final clear coat.

986 BSR 777 mid coat of 3 stage

Mid coat of Dupont 3-stage job.

986 BSR 777 base of 3 stage

1st of 3-stage paint.

986 BSR 777 front a pillar detail


986 BSR 777 cage side view


986 BSR 777 top fit


986 BSR 777 int cage view


986 BSR 777 tig weld detail

A close look at our tig welding craftsmanship.

986 BSR 777 the donar car

Day 1.