BOXSTER 986 BSR | Boxster Spec Racecar #17

This is one of our 986 BSR race cars. The #17 driven by James Patrick took 2 SPBOX class wins in the PCA sprint races at the California Festival of Speed in April 2009.

The more impressive win was the coveted “Workers Choice Award” for the entire PCA Club race weekend! Very unexpected, but a true honor!

Take a look, and let us know if we can help with your 986 BSR needs.

986 BSR # 17 GT3 control arm

Here is the 996 GT-3 control arm, this shows the split design that allows the adjustment for added negative chamber to the car front & rear. These are a must for proper set up, and to take full advantage of your TOYO 888 tires !

986-BSR-#-17-under drive pulley system

Here is our PATRICK MOTORSPORTS 986 996 997 under drive crank shaft pulley, this helps slow down the power steering (no more over heating), and is shown without the A/C and air pump to eliminate drag. This helps the engine rev quicker and make it more responsive!


Computer spin balancing the lightweight clutch package on our CWT 5000 balancing system.

We balance to within 0.1 oz. per inch from the center line of the crankshaft. 

Let us know if we can help you with your balancing needs.

986 BSR # 17 @ Cal Speedway 09


986 BSR # 17 muffler exit

Take a look at our trick little exhaust tips with aluminum exit bezel!

986 BSR # 17 dyno test

This dyno test shows the difference between our straight pipe extractor system and our dual high flow muffler package. The mufflers actually make more horsepower & overall torque!

The test can also be seen & heard on YouTube, here are the links below. First test is with a straight pipe system that features a rear crossover, then with our high flow stainless steel dual muffler system. Let us know what you think. 

* The dyno results are based on the 986 BSR # 17 car with straight pipes, and then the #17 with our s.s. muffler system on the same car.

This exhaust system is available through PATRICK MOTORSPORTS !

986 BSR # 17 rear cage


986 BSR # 17 rear window


986 BSR # 17 dyno baseline


986 BSR # 17 tig welding


986 BSR # 17 clutch kit


986 BSR # 17 Win at PIR 10-09

We raced to an overall win at the HSR West 1 hour Enduro this October 2009 in our # 17 PORSCHE BSR / Boxster Spec. race car!

986 BSR # 17 oil lines to trunk


986 BSR # 17 oil take off detail


986 BSR # 17 accusump trunk


986 BSR # 17 rear muffler fit