TJG day1

Day 1, how the 964 3.6L engine arrived.

TJG day1b

Day 1, how the 964 3.6L engine arrived.

TJG cleaning

First, the engine is completely disassembled and thoroughly inspected.
Any parts in less than desirable condition are scrapped, while the rest are restored or replaced.
Anything kept from the original engine is cleaned in our heavy duty parts washer before work begins.

TJG heads clean

The heads getting cleaned up!

TJG headwork

Twin plug heads being worked to maximize flow for high performance numbers.

The engine build includes increased displacement to 3.8L using Mahle pistons and cylinders.

TJG bottom

The engine uses Pauter rods, calico coated bearings, titanium retainers and racing valve springs. A GT2 engine oil pump handles the high performance demand with ease. (ENG 996 107 007 94)

TJG engine room1

For top end power, uses 993 RSR Mechanical Rocker camshaft set and Solid Rocker Arm Valve Control Conversion (ENG 993 105 043 99).

Engines running at higher RPM tend to float the valves resulting in power loss. This set with performance valve springs are a must for any hard driven engine or with camshaft upgrades!

TJG engine room

The engine also uses our 964 - 993 RS Solid Hub for Air Cooling Impeller Fan Alternator Drive. (993 106 051 80 PMS)

This converts to single belt drive, with our RS/RSR type 964 engine crank pulley (964 102 050 SBC PMS)

Engine suspension bracket (930 375 011 RSR PMS)

TJG fuel

New wiring, ignition, and fuel components ensure top reliability for years to come.

This engine uses the high performance slide valve system with electronic fuel injection.

TJG wiring

EFI with MoTeC management gives complete control over tuning!

TJG motec

MSD twin ignition with MoTeC M84 management system directing the show.

TJG tuning setup

The high performance 3.8L is finished with 1.75" headers and RSR sport muffler.

TJG Hot run

365hp never looked so good!

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