Clutch Pressure Plate 240mm G50 and G50-50 Kep Stage I CLU KEP G50 HD S1 / CLU KEP G50 HD S1 / CLU-KEP-G50-HD-S1 / CLU.KEP.G50.HD.S1 / CLUKEPG50HDS1

Clutch Pressure Plate 240mm G50 and G50-50 KEP Stage I (CLU KEP G50 HD S1)

Kennedy Engineered

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Clutch Pressure Plate - 240mm - G50 / G50.50 - Sport / HD STAGE I - Lightweight Forged Aluminum Cover / Iron Friction Plate - HD Triple Drive Straps And Rivets - Kennedy Engineered - Sold Each - 1 Per Car
Fitment To All 1987-1989 G50 Equipped Vehicles - Both Naturally Aspirated 3.2L And 1989 3.3L Turbo. 

Weight: 13.50 Lbs. (6.12 Kg.) vs Stock Weight: 21.7 lbs *Reduces Rotating Mass By 8 Lbs.

Torque Capacity Rated At 550 Ft/Lbs With Stock Disc And 600* Ft/Lbs With Sintered Metallic Disc

Great For Sports Purpose Driving But Docile Enough For Daily Use.
While The 1987-1989 Carrera Is A Legend By Any Measure Power To Weight Is Not Its Greatest Strength.  This Pressure Plate Paired With Our Lightweight Flywheel Helps Wake Up The Stock 3.2L Engine
Made In America

Alternate Part Numbers: CLU KEP G50E HD S1 / CLU-KEP-G50E-HD-S1 / CLU.KEP.G50E.HD.S1 / CLUKEPG50EHDS1


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