Odyssey PC925L Battery BAT ODY PC925L / BAT ODY PC925L / BAT-ODY-PC925L / BAT.ODY.PC925L / BATODYPC925L

Odyssey PC925L Battery (ELE BAT ODY PC925L)


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The Porsche Lead Acid Batteries Are Heavy - And Often Leak Acid - Causing Rust And Mess - Not What You Want - Especially If You Just Restored The Car! Why Odyssey? For Years We've Installed Odyssey Batteries On All Of Our Projects At Patrick Motorsports. The Advantages Are Crystal Clear: **No More Leaks: Odyssey Batteries Are AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Dry Cell Type. They Have No Liquid Acid Inside - If You Cracked One Open Nothing Would Leak Out! **Lightweight: Due To Having No Battery Acid Inside - They Are Considerably Lighter Than The Porsche Batteries. - Patrick Motorsports **Faster - Reliable Startup: Cold Starts Are A Breeze With Odyssey Batteries - As They Operate At A Higher Power Level. **Increased Ignition Output: This Is The #1 Reason To Upgrade. The MFI Porsches Take Full Advantage Of The Higher Ignition Output - Resulting In Better Combustion - Smoother Performance - And Lower Emissions. Battery - Odyssey Pc-925-L - 7.00D x 6.625W x 5.00T - 26 Lbs. - 925 Cranking Amps For 5 Secs. - Terminal: M6 For Automotive - Enersys (0765-2029) 
Alternate Part Numbers: BAT ODY PC925L / BAT-ODY-PC925L / BAT.ODY.PC925L / BATODYPC925L

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