Engine Sheet Metal Set - Porsche 914-6 Conversion - No Heat - Raw (ENG 9146 SM NH RAW PMP)

Patrick Motorsports

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914-6 Engine Sheet Metal Set / Engine Tin Set Without Heat For Porsche H6 Engines

No Heat - High Quality Die Stamped Steel Reproduction Sheet Metal Set - Raw Steel Finish - Patrick Motorsports USA

+ Note: 3.2L With DME And 3.6L DME Engines Fitting And Trim Modifications Required
+ Note: For 2.0L to 3.0L H6 Engines Use Our Prefinished And Powdercoated Set.

Image Shown Reflects Without Heat No Heat DOES NOT Have The Large Hose Holes On Left And Right Sides**

When Upgrading And Converting The Porsche 914-4 To a Larger Displacement 914-6 6 Cylinder Engine The Original 911 Engine Sheet Metal Set Will Not Work And Needs To Be Replaced Entirely. - Our kit includes the following 5 pieces - 90110607600 / 90110607500 / 901106073 / 90110607400 / 90110681700

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