Transmission Gear Lube Oil - Swepco 212 - 80 FLU SWEPCO 212 80 / FLU SWEPCO 212 80 / FLU-SWEPCO-212-80 / FLU.SWEPCO.212.80 / FLUSWEPCO21280

Transmission Gear Lube Oil - Swepco 212-75 Per Gallon (FLU SWEPCO 212 75)


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Transmission Gear Lube Oil - Swepco 212-75- SAE 75W140 Multi-Grade - includes Ep And Lubium® And Molybdenum Disulfide Antioxidant / Wear Additives - Swepco - Unit 1 Gallon
-All-Weather Protection For Manual Transmissions - Gearboxes - Gear Reducers - Gear Driven Final Drives - Power Take Offs And Differentials Used In Severe Service
-Insures Full Film Lubrication Without Channeling In Cold Weather Start-Up Conditions Down To -40°F (-40°C) -Syntheon(tm) Synthetic Base Stock Blend And Lubium® II Insure Proper Viscosity Over A Wide Temperature Range
-Moly x p Plates Gears To Protect Against Friction And Wear Even Under Severe Extreme Pressure Conditions
-Can Improve Fuel Economy In Over-The-Road Service
-Controls Foaming; Lowers Operating Temperatures
-Extends Oil Life As Much As Two To Three Times Or More
-Controls Deposits - Varnish - Corrosion - Sludge - Rust
-Exceeds Performance Requirements Of All Major Gearbox Specifications And Most S
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Alternate Part Numbers: FLU SWEPCO 212 75 / FLU-SWEPCO-212-75 / FLU.SWEPCO.212.75 / FLUSWEPCO21275

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