This project started life as a 1995 993 C-2 cabriolet.I purchased it as a "salvage title" interior fire/burn, and parted it out. I always dreamed of a race car, or Crazy C-4 Roadster conversion-(turbocharged of course), "Pikes Peak" killer. OK, I came to my senses, and here is what we have done.

We stripped & sand blasted the tub, seam welded & caged the chassis. We then gave it the Zinc acid etch sealer. We fitted it with the 993 GT2 glass body package, our little twist was the addition of the cab./speedster profile.

The speedster has a 3.8L RSR MOTEC engine package. We also built a special 993 Turbo 6 spd. transaxle-converted to 2wd with complete direct mainshaft & gear fluid cooling system- one of our shop's many conversion specialties.

All the race engines are 964 crank & case. These were fitted with the MAHLE Motorsports 102mm 12.5 compression ratio piston & cylinder set, and bib valve RSR heads. We are using all that but without the factory RSR heads, we are using heavily prepared 993 VarioRam heads instead. We prepared the heads with our high rev. valve springs, titanium retainers, and topping them off with mechanical GT EVO cams. They are using the TWM manifolds, ITG air filters, and controlling the entire air pump is a MOTEC M600 ecu and MOTEC Dash collecting data and controlling the car.


The transaxle we chose for the 993 Speedster race car was a G-64/51, since it's the strongest 6-speed you can get. The oil feed mainshaft & pinion shaft are only found in the factory race cars, & Carrera GT. We converted this one over to 2 wheel drive, note the big side cover largest ring / pinion gear available and the 993 nose case with oil feed fitting to the mainshaft.

 The color is a Porsche 1993-94 Maritime Blue, it looks a bit purple, but gets your attention no matter what. We also designed and fabricated a little Lexan windscreen.



Take a look at our Motec dash & IMB lap timer, all this dash alum. The metal work is finished in black wrinkle powder coat.


We are a full line MOTEC dealer, please let us know if we can help with your engine project, or data acquisition and management. In house production of racing exhaust systems are common here at Patrick Motorsports. Exhaust engineering and design is an extremely important aspect when tuning for optimum performance.  For the 3.8L RSR engine, we chose to build the headers in 1.75 o.d. 304 stainless, equal length to the high flow merge collector. We then added a transition to 2.25 o.d. s.s. tubing with some length for added torque. We have learned a bit over the years on our DYNO JET 224XLC eddy current chassis dyno, on the road and on the track. Let us know how we can help your tuning needs.The 993 race car has being fitted with JRZ shocks, EIBACH springs including the progressive tender spring. We also fitted the car with our adjustable suspension links, toe & kinematic links, spherical bearings & solid rear suspension mounts - we always stock these! We had to use our upper spherical bearing shock mounts. Please let us know if we can help with your 993 race suspension setup. 

The 993 race car has being fitted with JRZ shocks, EIBACH springs including the progressive tender spring. We fitted the car with adjustable GT2 sway bars, and billet drop links. As usual spherical bearings cartridge set for the front control arms. The real trick is to use the 993 GT 2 EVO front bearing carriers & not to forget the 964 lower control arms to get the best 993 negative chamber advantage ! We are also using our upper spherical bearing strut mounts. Please let us know if we can help with your 993 race suspension set up.

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