SOLD! 1970 914/6 GT Vintage Road Rally Racer



914-6 GT Vintage Racer
Flawless, turn-key complete rotisserie build for sale.

  • 100% complete restoration of an original 914-6 into a 914-6 GT vintage race car.
  • 2.0L twin plug flat-6 engine w/ 5-speed manual 901 trans.
  • Super lightweight (1990 lbs approx., w/ fluids) , meticulous construction using only the finest parts available.
  • Built to spec for vintage racing in HRS, SVRA, VARA, & PCA VINTAGE 
  • Just 12 hours total operating time on the clock.

Drivetrain Built to the Max for Vintage Class Racing
The engine and transmission were assembled like new here in house. 200hp 2.0L twin plug flat-6 engine with 901 transmission built for demanding track days.

Details of the engine build:
  • 914-6 Magnesium engine case (non matching to the chassis)
  • 911 counter-weight crankshaft - knife edge lightened & balanced, cross drilled center main
  • Pauter lightweight rods
  • 930 oil pump & late intermediate shaft assembly
  • Calico coated bearings
  • Special 81mm pistons fitted to 81mm cylinder set
  • Twin plug heads are ported to 37mm intake, 35mm exhaust.
  • Performance valve springs & titanium retainers
  • 4 bearing 49mm cam housings, PMS special grind billet cams by Webcam
  • Late aluminum cam housings, 930 tensioners
  • Late Carrera fan / housing & alternator
  • Twin Plug distributor, (2) MSD CD Boxes with soft touch rev limiter system
  • PMO Carburetor set - 40mm with tall manifold match ported to heads
  • Hand made PMS 304 stainless headers, set with optimized merge collector & 304 S.S. megaphones with internal scrubble for sound control.
  • 901 Side shift transaxle, 904 mainshaft
  • Close ratio gear sets 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. (We can optimize this for buyer's needs)
  • Wavetrac differential with new final drive bearings
  • Billet intermediate plate, new main shaft & pinion shaft bearings
  • Setrab/Patrick Motorsports oil cooling system
  • Patrick Motorsports shift rod & linkage system

        Keeping Cool through Smart Engineering
        Up front the car uses a dry sump Petersen oil tank, hooked up to a Setrab oil cooler arrangement exclusive to Patrick Motorsports. The race ready theme continues with a Fuel Safe fuel cell, also unique to Patrick Motorsports.

        The Interior is Pure Race Mode.

        • The chassis was stripped to the bare bones, fixed up with a new GT style body, then upgraded with a custom cage.
        • Safety is top priority when racing to the limit, so a Safecraft fire system was installed, along with a master disconnect switch (for interior and exterior).
        • A single Sparco Pro 2000 seat with Schroth 6-point harness holds the driver tightly.*
        • The detachable Momo wheel, finished in Alcantara, responds deftly to inputs.
        • Lightweight Odyssey PC925L Battery with 914 mount kit.
        • The stock instrument cluster has been replaced with a AIM MXL Race Display. This provides detailed custom configurations, data logging, lap times, and more. All new Mil-Spec (military spec) wiring is used throughout the vehicle for optimum reliability during high performance operation.
        • The dash, also finished in Alcantara, houses all necessary fuses and switches for quick access.
        • The 901 shifter uses a 1st/reverse gear lockout - simple & effective! 

        *In some photos, the previous Recaro seat is shown. Car currently has the Sparco Pro 2000 seat.

        Body, Brakes, and Suspension
        Steel GT style flares, lightweight composite front valance, front bumper, rear bumper, rockers, and aluminum tail light housing all installed with unparalleled craftsmanship.
        Pedal assembly completely restored with bronze bushing set & 19mm Master cylinder, with large AP Dual feed fluid reservoir.
        RSR front struts with raised spindles, 911 hubs, new bearings & seals, drilled rotors, steel 911 SC calipers (more reliable than "S" alloy caliper without the flexing issues)
        21mm torsion bars, billet upper strut mounts with spherical bearings, 911 steering rack, 930 steering arms with fully adjustable (stackable) tie rod ends.
        Steering column is a late 911 dual bearing style, modified by PMS for 914 use with quick release hub.
        914 rear trailing arm set reinforced with PMS adjustable tie rod set, polished pivot shaft & PMS Delrin busing set. 
        Adjustable sport shocks with fully adjustable spring collar set & perch kit, Eibach springs, new rear wheel bearings, drilled rotors & 911 steel calipers with parking brake.
        Wheels & Tires: 
        Grip is relentless through 15x7" / 15x8" Fuchs alloy wheels wrapped in Hoosiers P205/50ZR15 front, P225/50ZR15 rear.


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