1979 930 to 1974 911 RSR IROC Street Racer - 3.8L DME Upgrade And Euro 915 Conversion


911 RSR IROC Street Racer | 3.8L DME | Euro 915
This original 1979 930 chassis has been expertly converted to a lightweight 1974 911 RSR IROC inspired street racer! This chassis is fitted with a 1997, 993 Carrera 3.6L DME engine then converted to a high torque 3.8L displacement! Featuring hydraulic billet sport cams and married to a specially prepared, 1986 915 Euro transaxle gearbox with LSD and euro oil cooler system.
This one of kind project is 100% built in-house.

930 IROC eng detail 1


930 IROC interior detail 1


930 IROC rear grill detail

 930 IROC R side



930 IROC R Rear Side

930 IROC R seats


930 IROC R shifter

930 IROC R frunk

930 IROC L front qtr


16 930-IROC-painted_FRONT_END


04 930 IROC 38L DME Seat Roll Bar

As you can see the Patrick Motorsports 911 / 930 Roll Bar fits like a champ! Also shown, our custom interior works with the houndstooth seat inserts!

05 JP-1974-911-IROC-RSR-38L-915-FRONT-UNDER


06 930 IROC rear exhaust fabrication


12 930 IROC header fabrication

Porsche 911 exhaust header manifold fabrication to a'73 RSR style muffler. This 3.8L engine will get the 1.75 Inch O.D. primaries and our tuned, high velocity merge collectors! The muffler shown is just for fixturing purposes. We will add our RSR Wide Center tip muffler next!

07 JP-1974-911-IROC-RSR-38L-915_REAR-UNDER




11 930 IROC 38L DME Engine


09 930 IROC Centerforce Clutch Installed


10 930 IROC Centerforce Clutch

This torquey 3.8L DME engine is getting our 225mm Billet Steel Conversion Flywheel and the legendary Centerforce clutch that will be mated to a 915 Euro Transmission. Also shown are the new shorter transmission case studs, camshaft block off plates and engine oil feed pipes. And of course the flywheel and clutch package is precision computer balanced!

13 JP-1974-911-IROC-RSR-38L-915-ENGINES




18 930 IROC rear qtr & cage


17 JP-1974-911-IROC-RSR-38L-915-RIGHT-REAR-ARM


19 930 IROC L rear qtr


20 930 IROC L rear qtr prep

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