911 Backdate To 911 RSR 3.4L Build in Bright Orange


Bright Orange RS Rear

Bright orange, stretched fenders, and a loud exhaust.  Driving down the road, everyone stares.  While on the outside it may look and sound like a racecar, on the inside it feels far from it.  There is still air conditioning and the Recaro seats are both heated and ventilated, a huge luxury in the Arizona heat.   

RSR Porsche Side

Out on the open road, the steering is darty and eager to turn in.  The vehicle feels taught, with no hesitation on initial turn-in.  Planted through undulations, bump steer is well controlled.  Using the brakes requires a lead foot just like any racecar.  Once proper pressure is applied, the stiff brake pedal allows you to precisely place the vehicle on top of a dime.  


RSR Interior

Rowing through the freshly rebuilt 915 transmission, each gear is exactly where you would expect it. 





3.4 Liter Conversion

Dansk Exhaust

B&B Headers with Heat

RSR Front Bumper

RSR Rear Bumper

RSR Front Oil Cooler

Bilstien Coilovers

RSR Style Engine Support

915 Wevo Shifter

Lightweight Flyweel

Porsche Classic Radio

Microphone Mount for Porsche Classic Radio

MOMO Steering Wheel Hub



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