1973 914/4 - 2.2L


914 4 - 2.2L (1973)

1973 914/4 2.2L, a complete bare metal restoration using all "GT" type lightweight glass deck lids, bumpers, side rockers, & front spoiler. A 1910 lb. street car!!! 2.2L big bore conversion with 44mm Weber Carbs, Sport cam, etc.. This engine package was tuned to 155 HP and it feels like it ! We completely rebuilt the 901 transaxle, first magnafluxing all the gear sets & crack testing the case. Then replacing all syncros & sliders, main shaft, pinion shaft, differential bearings, and most of the dog teeth gears. Finally a 914-4 "GT" type front mounted oil cooler conversion with thermostat, very cool! This counts BIG in Arizona with 105 ambient temperature, The engine temperature will not go much over 190 degrees. We have been very successful with this system!!!


This car is fitted with our front oil cooler system the Setrab oil cooler part # PMP 500-15NPT3/4, with installation kit part # PKG 9146GT-FTOC-KIT. This is plumbed to the engine using Goodridge fittings and stainless braided hoses. Adding an oil cooler system is a must for operation of the all cooled engines in warmer climates as the factory engine mounted cooler just does not keep your engine operating in its optimal temperature range, causing premature engine wear and loss for performance. Our systems have been designed to keep your engine operating at its desired operating temperature which extends engine life and improves performance. 
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This picture shows part of the chassis reinforcement kit - Porsche 914 chassis - pre-cut 16 gauge steel strengthening kit - 8 piece kit - recommended TIG or heliarc welding installation.the 914 chassis was not designed for the increased horsepower of the conversions everyone is now doing. also if you have a car that has been exposed to winter salt your chassis is in need of this upgrade to handle all the demands that are put on the car. Part# BOD 914 CRKIT PMS
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