914/6 GT3R Race Car


914/6 GT3R Race Car

Porsche 914 6 GT - Race Car

914/6 GT3R Race Car Brake Front

We utilized the Porsche 993 Twin Turbo brake calipers and rotors for this project. 

For proper offset and fitment, it is necessary to use our billet aluminum caliper adaptors and brake hat set. Part number PMP 911TTHAT the brake rotor for twin turbo disc conversion to 911 front hub narrow body type. They are black anodized billet aluminum 


This makes the brake conversion a direct replacement. The struts are the latest threaded housing Bilstein fashioned after the 935 cars. The spindles are raised with revised geometry. We also fit the steering with the 911 Turbo tie rod package part number PKG 930 347 020 00 KT2 with the ends replaced with anti-bump steer kit. PART NUMBER SUSBUMPKIT The brake lines are the steel braided Teflon type.

914/6 GT3R Race Car Steering Wheel

This shows a Momo racing type steering wheel with our billet aluminum quick disconnect hub and steering shaft assembly. Note also the routing of the oil lines in the left lower side foot well area. The 2 lines are the feed and return for the front mounted engine oil cooler. We typically cover the lines with Goodridge fire sleeve for further protection.

914/6 GT3R Race Car Complete

GT-3R Race Spec - Full lightweight composite body and chassis race preparation done here at Patrick Motorsports.

914/6 GT3R Race Car Rear Toe Kit

Rear toe rod kit installed. The carrier housing for the rear trail arms are TIG welded and reinforced to reduce deflection as well. This is a must do for cars with larger displacement engines and race cars. 

We also used our rear toe rod adjustment kit. Which includes the rod system with spherical bearings and adjustable hardware, pre modified and powder coated carrier brackets and 2 steel weld-in rocker mounting plates. The factory rear adjustments are very difficult and time consuming to do, this kit makes the adjustments much easier and locks in position so they cannot easily change.

914/6 GT3R Race Car Rear Trail Arm

Suspension is our Rear Coilover System - Porsche 914 ’70-’76 – Sport / Race - Includes:

2) BILSTEIN rear sport height adjustable shocks, EIBACH 2.50 inch I.D. spring set (available in 25 lbs increments from 150 lbs to 400 lbs), upper spring hat set. 

2) lower spring perch sets “fully adjustable” – For street use setup we recommend (175-225 lbs spring set) – For full racecar setup we recommend (275- 325 lbs spring set). The system allows infinite ride height adjustability and corner weight balance setup. Part # SUS 914 RCKIT and PMP914-RTRAKT fits all 914 chassis- includes 914 certified reconditioned trailing arm set with reconditioned and polished pivot shafts, plated bearing retainer plates, and box reinforcing kits, we added “D” hooks at the rear for towing and dyno tie down points. 

We have also used our semi solid type DELRIN bushings; these are a self lubricating plastic that is ultra durable with no squeaking. They are designed to reduce the deflection under load and are suitable for racing and high temp applications. part number SUSRDCABUSH

You can also see the PETERSON remote oil filter mount installed with GOODRIDGE fitting and braided stainless hoses.

914/6 GT3R Race Car Oil System Front

The front trunk is the heart of our dry sump oil cooling system. 
This starts out with a Peterson OIL TANK part# OIL 08-0011-DB - 16 quart (4 gallon) aluminum (race) – dual breather - 9 inch. Diameter X 19 inches tall. Also uses the billet aluminum brackets part # OIL 08-0101. The oil is routed to the engine using Goodridge fittings and stainless braided hoses. From the engine it returns through the Peterson remote oil filter remote mount, (part # OIL 09-0304) to the front through the Mocal oil thermostat (part # OIL-12THER) that will route the oil through the front Setrab oil cooler (part # PMP 500-15NPT3/4) when needed to keep the engine at optimum temperature. 

The insulation also includes the Peterson breather/fluid catch tank – spun aluminum type with internal baffling - 2X AN -12 female ports & 1X AN -6AN drain plug – Includes stainless steel strap - 118 MM DIA. - PETERSON FLUID part number OIL 08-0400 
PATRICK MOTORSPORTS is a fully stocked dealer for all the parts listed above. These parts and all listed on our web site are in stock and ready for shipping worldwide.

914/6 GT3R Race Car Bulk Head Mount

Porsche 914-6 conversion engine mount. This mount is designed and manufactured here at Patrick Motorsports. The mount shown is our weld on mount, as you can see it is designed with poly graphite bushings. 

The center section that bolts to the engine will pivot so future service repairs can be made earlier. Porsche 914-6 conversion engine mount.
The TILTON adjustable 7 position brake proportion/bias valve with 10 MM X 1 MM metric threads- part number BRA90-1003 and our shift bearing which mounts in the bulk head in place of the factory nylon bushing that is usually worn or missing. This upgrade will finish off your shift system upgrades and will make them all operate the way the factory had hoped they would. 

914/6 GT3R Race Car Body Prep Fitment


914/6 GT3R Race Car Rear Spoiler


914/6 GT3R Race Car Rear Spoiler Rear


914/6 GT3R Race Car Rear Cage View


914/6 GT3R Race Car Racing

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