914 to 916 Tribute - 3.8L DME Upgrade And 915 Conversion


916 PORSCHE | 3.8L DME + HVAC | 915 5-Speed

PATRICK MOTORSPORTS has built this 916 steel roof replica, powered by a fully built 964 DME based 3.8L engine, driven through a 915 gearbox with WEVO tail shift system. The car has a modern A/C system featuring R-134 refrigerant, utilizing a front mounted 993 A/C condenser w/ fan assist.

We have stripped the chassis, seam welded & reinforced all critical areas, and incorporated a tubular cage system front to rear.

This 916 Tribute won 1st in Class at PCA Werks Reunion 2015.



See it on YouTube! : http://youtu.be/wZvhkRCO2_k

916 Winner at Werks Reunion


916 Porsche 3.8L DME  Interior Driver Side


916 Porsche 3.8L DME  Interior Passenger Side


916 GB 964 3.6L DME Engine


916 GB oil tank filler neck


916 GB Exhaust


916 GB Exhaust Tips



The Patrick Motorsports 914-6 sport exhaust muffler system with 1.75 inch heat exchangers. This system has low sport tone that commands attention! The 915 WEVO tail / side shifter transmission nose cone end needs proper clearance in the rear muffler area.

916 GB Front Ventilation


916 GB oil & AC fans


916 GB AC Distributor Manifold


916 GB more red leather


916 GB red leather seats


916 GB 38L sheet metal fit


916 GB 38L cam timming


916 GB inner AC Cooler cover


916 GB body in paint


916 GB inner AC Cooler area prep


916 GB w o top skin rear qtr view


916 GB inner roof structure


916 GB body side view


916 GB body fit rear qtr view


916 GB body fit w roof skin

PATRICK MOTORSPORTS is currently building this 916 "steel roof" replica !

916 GB roof in metal finish


916 GB toe link set


916 GB body in DTM & rock gaurd


916 GB body in Black IMRON


916 GB body ready for primer


916 GB body in DTM


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