1976 934 Race Car # 157


Porsche 934, chassis 9306700157, was reportedly delivered to Italian driver Giuseppe Bianco who ran the car under a Jolly Club entry often with the financial backing of exotic car dealership, Achili Motors of Milan. During Bianco’s ownership the Porsche was mostly maintained by Tam Auto Tuning, with the owner of the company, Giuseppe Tambone, racing occasionally with Bianco.

Between 1976 and 1977 this 934 took a number of wins, finishing with three 1st place finishes, during the Group 4 Monza race in 1976, Euro GT Misano in 1976, and Magione race in 1977. In 1979 and 1980 the 934 reportedly raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 6 Hour Mugello, 6 Hour Dijon, and the 6-hour Vallelunga. After its racing career completed in Europe, the car was reportedly purchased sometime in the early 1980s by racing legends, Don and Bill Whittington. Bill Whittington and his brother Don Whittington, famous for their racing antics and their 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans outright victory in a Porsche 935 K3, owned the Road Atlanta race track as a part of one of their investments. The brothers purchased the 934 and shipped the car to Road Atlanta. They sometimes used the 934 as a street car while in Fort Lauderdale, and used it as a test car at Road Atlanta. During a birthday party for Paul Newman they took out the 934 for laps at Road Atlanta, with guests consisting of the likes of Preston Henn, Dale Whittington senior, Milt Miner, Marty Hines, and of course Don and Bill Whittington.

The 934 would remain mostly dormant until 2018 when it was purchased by its new owner. He wanted to have the best possible Porsche 934 and decided to restore it. He sent the 934 to PATRICK MOTORSPORTS who took their time to ensure that everything about the car was gone over with a fine-tooth comb and that details weren’t missed. During their initial tear down, their report states that the car was original and had appeared to never have been in a crash. While it had been repainted a few times due to livery changes, underneath was the factory white paintwork. Interestingly, backing up the notion that it was owned by an Italian racer, the front oil cooler was an Italian replacement piece, most likely replaced in period during racing. It was then decided that the car would receive a full concours-level restoration, where every piece would be returned to their former glory just like they were in 1976 after being built by Porsche.

Taking close to 18 months, the 934’s components were stripped from the car and cataloged. Their in-house paint shop stripped the car down to metal, confirming the factory welds and untouched sheet metal. The 934 was completely repainted in factory white, while the rest of the components were being restored to as new and its systems rebuilt. The 3.0-liter turbocharged engine was completely rebuilt, as was the 4-speed manual transmission. The seat, headliner, dashboard, rear parcel shelf and door cards were reupholstered back to factory specifications. Suspension was rebuilt and bushings replaced. All components that were plated were stripped and replated in their correct finishes. Once completed, the 934 was a true representation of how it looked once it left the factory in 1976.

A Porsche 934 is accepted as one of the last Porsche race cars to bear close resemblance to its street brethren, with its exterior easily recognizable with factory components and its interior also still retaining some street-car comforts. Finding a 934 that was never crashed is one thing, but finding another with real racing pedigree is another such as this car. Fully restored, mechanically inspected, and cosmetically perfect, this 1976 Porsche 934 is ready for the racetrack or being the crown jewel of your collection. The choice is yours.

Racing History


March 21st - 6 Hour Mugello - DNF
April 4th - 6 Hour Vallelunga - 5th
May 2nd - Monza - 1st
May 14th - Targa Florio - 4th
August 1st - Euro GT Misano - 1st
September 5th - 6 Hour Monza - 4th

March 20th - 6 Hour Mugello - 4th
June 16th - Giro d-Italia - 2nd
September 27th - Magione - 1st

June 10th - 24 Hours of Le Mans - DNF
September 9th - 6 Hour Vallelunga - 9th

April 13th - 6 Hour Mugello - 9th
May 11th - 6 Hour Silverstone - 10th
June 15th - 24 Hour Le Mans - DNF



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