2019 Year in Review


As the year comes to a close as well as the decade, we thought we would look at all we accomplished in the past 365 days.  

Our first vehicle finished this year was a 1971 914 converted to 914-6 GT spec with a 3.6L DME and 915 transaxle.  It’s hard to choose what is more beautiful, the deep blue exterior or lushes red interior.  


Followed shortly after is the black & blue beauty, a 1986 911, backdated and widened.  This RSR Turbo runs a MoTeC driven 3.3L Turbo backed by a short bellhousing G50. A first for Patrick Motorsports, electric air conditioning was fitted.  This freed up space in the engine bay as well as kept the occupants cool even in the Arizona heat. 

Both cars were taken to Monterey car week and shown at Werk Reunion.  At the event, the black & blue car won the Sponsors Choice award.

Huge progress was made on the 934 restorations with both vehicles almost ready to see the track.  

The Twin Turbo RSR reached completion.  Making 560 horsepower on low boost and weighing in at only 2400 pounds made it more of a rocketship than a car.


We had some fun comparing lightweight, two mid-engine Porsches, the 904 Carrera GTS and the Cayman GT4. 


As well as building and driving cars, we also developed more parts.  Fire extinguisher brackets and battery hold downs for a variety of Porsche models.  Updated billet side covers that help prolong the life of the transaxle. Gaskets, once no longer available for classic Porsche race cars.  We now offer electric air conditioning that blows much cooler than factory units, is lighter and moves the compressor outside of the engine bay. 

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